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Why I’m closing down the SocialRocks Twitter account

It may seem counter-intuitive for a business to close their Twitter account, especially if the business specialises in social media marketing. However, there is method in my madness. In this post I explain why I’m closing the SocialRocks Twitter account and also go into detail about why you should evaluate your approach to using social [...]

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How to create your own tool for writing Tweets in bulk

I've recorded a video to show you how you can save time writing Tweets using a simple spreadsheet. It's so, so easy to create and I talk you through the exact steps for how to do it. I know that many people find spreadsheets and formulas quite confusing so I've kept it really simple so [...]

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Twitter may stop counting links and photos as part of your 140 character limit.

It’s been reported that Twitter will soon stop including links and photos in the 140-character allowance, giving you more room to visually and contextually express your message without having to compromise on supporting text. Currently links and photos take up 23 and 24 characters, respectively, of your 140-character allowance, no matter whether you shorten a [...]

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Advertise on Facebook? These new image rules affect you.

 Facebook have updated its image rules for adverts and boosted posts. From my research so far, the new rules appear to have only rolled out in the UK.  My social media geek buddies are unable to access the new rules from other countries. This hasn’t been confirmed officially, but the lack of information from influential [...]

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