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How to make your social media more interesting

One of the most common social media questions I get asked about by business owners is,“How can I make my social media content more interesting?” Condensing my response to this question has been challenging for me. I can blab on all day explaining the fundamentals of social media content and giving my on-the-spot ideas for [...]

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5  easy-to-understand reasons you should be blogging for your business

Many small and medium business owners I speak to tell me then know they should be blogging on their business website but admit they don’t actually understand why. I’m passionate about online marketing and blog as a hobby, as well as for my business, so love passing on my knowledge and enthusiasm about the benefits [...]

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How social media reviews can win you more business

Back in 2005, when Twitter was no more than an act of boring someone to death with a naggy tone, I started my career in sales. I worked in a small mobile phone shop in the centre of York that you probably have never heard of, and never will (sadly it shut down a few [...]

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The 7 deadly social media sins businesses should resist

These deadly sins of social media can, at first, be tempting to commit, especially if you are unaware of the consequences. However, resisting the urges to cut corners will help you turn from sinner to a social media saint.   1. Only talking about themselves Social media is all about being, well, social! If you [...]

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