It may seem counter-intuitive for a business to close their Twitter account, especially if the business specialises in social media marketing. However, there is method in my madness.

In this post I explain why I’m closing the SocialRocks Twitter account and also go into detail about why you should evaluate your approach to using social media for your business.

One of the very first activities I help clients with is understanding which social media platforms are going to bring them a Return On Investment (ROI).  When utilised well, social media is a very powerful marketing tool which can help businesses to meet specific goals such as raising brand awareness and building trust. Each social media channel has varying benefits and abilities to meet those goals.

Twitter is a fantastic social media network for networking. However, few organisations successfully utilise the platform for that very purpose; networking. Many businesses see Twitter as a numbers game; the more followers you have, the better your business will appear to potential customers and their audience in general. Well, that isn’t actually the case. The number of followers you have has little true value to you as a business.

Let me explain why…

The general Twitter culture is that everyone wants more followers so they make every effort to get more, without actually concentrating on the activities that will actually help the business to meet true goals.

There are hundreds of articles, webinars and online courses teaching Twitter users how to get more followers.

The ‘tactics’ most often include:

  • Following loads of other users in hope that they will follow you back.
  • Unfollow any users who don’t follow you back within a short space of time of your following them.
  • ‘Like’ the Tweets of your target audience and anyone you think may follow you in hope that they will follow you back or at the very least, ‘like’ some of your Tweets.


The problem with this approach is that it just equates to building an audience of whom many are just using the same ‘tactics’ as you are to acquire more followers.  The end result basically means you are speaking to an audience who has no genuine interest in you, your business or any of the Tweets, content and information you are posting.

“So what has this got to do with you closing the SocialRocks Twitter account?” I hear you cry.

The short answer is; because the SocialRocks Twitter account won’t help me meet my business goals. Quite the anticlimactically dull answer you couldn’t care less about, eh?


Let me explain further…

When I started Tweeting for my business I knew how to use Twitter strategically. What I didn’t know back then, was how my business strategy would evolve.

Through networking, working with clients, business mentoring, following inspiring thought leaders and analysing my social media results it has confimed that the best asset my business has is me.  I am my brand; the colourful-haired, passionate, outgoing social media consultant, Jenni Tulip. However, when I started as a Social Media Consultant, I didn’t align every aspect of my business startegy with personal branding.

One of the ‘buzz’ terms you have probably heard a lot lately is that ‘People Sell to People’. And it’s true. We all buy emotionally. We buy into the people we are buying from. This is a huge advantage to small businesses who have real people on the ground representing their business.

I’m the face of SocialRocks and I’m the person that my clients, business buddies and suppliers have bought into, so my social media now needs to match my improved business strategy.

So, I’ll be closing the SocialRocks Twitter account and from now I’ll be using my personal Twitter account @MissJTulip to reach and engage with the people I care about.

People buy from people, so my new approach will help potential clients and the people I engage with to get a real flavour of who I am, what makes me tick and what I’m passionate about. This, in turn, will help my audience to decide whether I’m the one they would like to work with and the one whom is a good match for their business and their staff.

It isn’t my intention to sound all ‘me me me’ here; the point is to explain the process I have gone through as an example and as a reason you should regularly re-evaluate how you use social media in your business.

Forget how many followers you have and how many followers your competitors have. It just doesn’t matter. Start investing in the social media users who have real value to your business and you will start attracting an audience who value what you have to say.

Social media is constantly evolving, businesses are constantly evolving and that’s why I believe in constantly evolving your social media strategy to make sure you are doing it for the right reasons and that it is actually benefiting your business.

I hope to engage with you on Twitter soon!

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